Proxmox-Vyos-Linux Bridge-DHCP-VLANS

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I wanted to make this tutorial for two reasons. The first most important reason is because it took me five days to resolve a problem DHCP/PXE boot issue i was having in my network. This will maybe help others that are having the same issue I had or trying to get the same setup that I have. The second reason is I am moving from ESXI 6.7 to Proxmox. I will not be mirgrating my VN's from ESXI to Proxmox but will have a fresh install with the same VM"s I had in my ESXI environment.


The goal here is not to list all the VM"s in my environment but to setup two(2) Proxmox servers not in a cluster environment but independent servers and make VM's on both servers and on different VLAN's talk to each other. The most important part that took me five(5) days to resolve is, I wanted for VM's on server 1 to be able to get DHCP and PXE boot from a DHCP/PXE VM on server1 and server2 and VM's on server 2 to also be able to get DHCP and PXE boot from DHCP/PXE VM on server1 and server2.


- Two(2) Proxmox servers (prox1 and prox2 in my case)

- At least 3 NIC's per server (eno1, eno2, eno3 and eno4 in my case)

- 2 switches. One 1GB switch for mgmt and one 10GB switch to connect both prox1 and prox2

  • Physical connections